Geophysical Software

We have developed numerous solar and geophysical software packages over the years, some for consumption by the public and others for consumption only by specialized clients.

Software currently available and purchasable on our online store include:

  • Proplab-Pro HF Radio Propagation Laboratory – Version 3.1: Available for purchase here.The worlds leading physics-based software package for ray-tracing radio waves through a realistic three-dimensional International Reference Ionosphere model of the Earth’s ionosphere and taking into account parameters such as topographic features and ionospheric tilts. Advanced software for use by engineers and amateurs.
  • Earthquake Mapper 3D – Version 1.0: Available for purchase here.A new, powerful and VERY affordable (only $10) easy-to-use software package for monitoring and displaying global earthquake activity. Suitable for anyone to use.
  • Space Weather Information Monitor – Under redevelopmentSWIM, or the Space Weather Information Monitor, has been used by people needing real-time space weather information. For the last decade, it had been used world-wide by forecasters and amateurs to monitor solar activity and geomagnetic activity. It has currently been withdrawn from the market while it undergoes new development. It will be released in the near future.