Our Services

Solar Terrestrial Dispatch has been providing time-critical solar and geophysical alert and warning services to the world-wide community for over 30 years!

Recipients of our services have included:

  • Operators of spacecraft to limit the effects of energetic charging from space weather events (i.e. deep-dielectric charging).
  • Aircraft companies to help mitigate the effects of radiation anomalies on trans-polar flights.
  • The military has our software to help ray-trace radio signals through the ionosphere.
  • Power companies to mitigate the damaging effects of geomagnetically induced currents that occur during strong geomagnetic storms.
  • Amateur radio operators world-wide have used our software to help determine optimal radio propagation conditions.
  • Universities world-wide have also made extensive use of our services through the years.

We are proud to continue our supporting services during solar cycle 25, which has already produced some interesting energetic activity.